Celebrate Good Times...with Organic Confetti!

Shropshire Petals is an English, family-run business that started more than 20 years ago by Michael and Rosemary Bubb. Nowadays, son Jonathan is at the reigns of the arable side of the farm and the maintenance of the high standards laid out by his Dad and Grand-Dad, They originally began as specialists in dried flowers, but now they also deal with wheat sheaves, seed heads, arrangements and their really cool natural petal confetti.

The greenest part of this operation, other than the flora they provide, is that it’s all done organically: no chemicals or colours added, all natural farming techniques, and hand-picked and hand-packed flowers. Imagine if those countless summer weddings going on right now all used organically grown, dried flower petals instead of the usual paper confetti or rice? Pretty cool stuff. Not only that, it’s really a great way to extend the life cycle of your flowers. First enjoy their beautiful colours and smells and then dry them up to use as natural, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly confetti. Good work Shropshire. See more about their organically grown products and special offers here. Also take a look at our own: How to Green Your Wedding. Thanks to Rebekah for the tip!

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