Upgrade to Carrot: It's what a vegetable should be.

Carrot print
CC BY 2.0 Kathryn Rotondo

Instead of downloading yet another health app, try Carrot instead. It promises to seamlessly deliver fresh, quality nutrients to your body, wirelessly.

When it comes to staying alive and healthy, sometimes the simplest ways are best, but because they might seem archaic in a world of iDevices and killer apps and drinkable meals and wearable technology, the tried and true methods that have nourished people throughout history might be in need of a reboot. After all, it's awfully difficult to make a raw vegetable or fruit seem as sexy as a bag of the latest exotically-flavored gluten-free tortilla chips made from a mix of organically grown heirloom grains, enhanced with superfoods.

But that may change, if the same tactics used by both iHam and IKEA's bookbook are adopted for other food items, such as the makeover that Dan Angelucci and friends gave to the humble Daucus carota sativus:

"Carrot works with your body to do all the hard stuff, so you can get back to doing what you love."

I was kind of disappointed that an outdated Carrot gets tossed in the trash in this video instead of used as feedstock for iCompost or iChickens, but I suppose that's fodder for another campaign.

Perhaps if more of our foods got rebranded and relaunched with presentations as slick as this one introducing Carrot, we'd start to see more of a return to snacks and meals "meticulously crafted" from a single ingredient, all of which will "work seamlessly" to provide the nutrients we need.

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