Care for Some Delicious Paleocuisine?

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Here's one diet plan even you assiduous fad followers have probably never heard about: the "Paleolithic" diet. As the name implies, this diet essentially consists of foods that were regularly consumed by our Stone Age forbears and includes such staples as root vegetables, lean meat, nuts and eggs. Perhaps not surprisingly, given its simplicity and variety, this diet was found to yield significant health benefits in a recent study conducted in Sweden.

Staffan Lindeberg, a physician at Lund University, found that Swedish men with diabetes exhibited a large drop in their blood sugar levels after just 3 months on the "Paleolithic" diet. Of the 29 test subjects with diabetic conditions and heart disease, 14 had their blood sugar return to normal and their glucose tolerance improve by 26% while the rest, whose diet also included dairy products and grains, showed only a 7% improvement in glucose tolerance.Lindeberg attributed this drop in blood sugar levels to the absence of "bioactive substances," such as lectin in grains and casein in milk. In rat studies, they were shown to impair glucose tolerance. Loren Cordain, an evolutionary nutritionist at Colorado State University, called the study "one of the first well-controlled trials of a modern paleolike diet to ever have been conducted."

While we aren't about to suggest you give up bread or milk for this diet (we sure won't be), we hope this study will make you think twice before you decide to try yet another one of those new-fangled, personal trainer/doctor-approved diet plans. As with most things in life, simplicity is the key to a healthier diet.

Via ::Science: The Health Benefits of Paleocuisine (magazine)

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