Carbon-Neutral Delivery for Ice Cream Emergencies

ice cream delivery by bike photo

photo: Ben & Jerry's

Admit it, you've been there: curled up on the couch in your pajamas, watching a good movie, and thinking to yourself, "The only thing that would make this better right now is a pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk and a spoon--but then I would have to get dressed and go outside..." Istanbul residents living near the popular shopping street Bağdat Caddesi on the Asian side of the city now have a solution to such dilemmas that is as ecofriendly as it is effortless: Bicycle delivery from Ben & Jerry's.Still a luxury item in Turkey at around $10 a pint, favorite flavors from the Vermont-based ice-cream maker are now available at Istanbul scoop shops in the city's massive Kanyon mall and trendy Nişantaşı district, in addition to the Bağdat Caddesi outlet. As bicycle delivery will be a novel sight in a traffic-clogged metropolis where most take-out is brought on overloaded (and often exhaust-spewing) mopeds, the company explained its plans in an email to customers:

If you see a Ben&Jerry;'s take away man with a cow printed bicycle at your door, don't be surprised! The brand which is famous for its fun and different identity, now comes to help for ice-cream emergencies. Ben&Jerry;'s, world's first climate neutral ice-cream, starts its take away service with carbon neutral bicycles. By this way, Ben&Jerry;'s both avoids carbon off-print and also makes its fans happy by bringing the ice-cream where ever they want.

Deliveries are made between noon and 11:30 pm from the Bağdat Caddesi shop and will soon be spreading happiness from the Nişantaşı location as well. Via: tipster Kelly
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