Carbon Neutral Cupcakes and US Open Eco-Art Installation at Brooklyn's Little Cupcake Bakeshop


Little Cupcake Bakeshop in Brooklyn, NY. Credit Little Cupcake Bakeshop.

Mouth watering carbon - neutral cupcakes, oh my! Hopefully I can finish this post before I run over to Little Cupcake Bakeshop (9102 Third Ave) in my neighboring-burrough Brooklyn to taste limited-edition "Tennis" cupcakes -- proceeds to benefit Energy Action Coalition -- and view recycled-tennis ball art installation by Hugh Hayden, Brooklyn artist and architect (no relation to our favorite design shop hayden-harnett), in celebration of the US Open's green initiatives.


Hugh Harnett's US Open themed art instillation. Credit Little Cupcake Bakeshop.

Hugh Harnett speaks to his inspiration for the US Open art installation, below.

When asked to create a dialog between a bakery known for it's cupcakes, the US Open, sustainability, and also relevant to my work, I immediately envisioned a floating cloud of tennis ball cupcakes. Recycled tennis balls would be the "cake" and the muffin tins would provide a visual reference to baking. We suspended them to create a compelling spatial installation moving beyond the window -as if the tennis balls were raining into the tins.

The Little Cupcake Bakeshop Specialty Cakes and Cupcakes' green practices include using energy efficient lighting; green materials and products, and paints, oils, cleaners, and floor treatments - free of known toxins. They have been carbon neutral since 2007 with donations to the Carbon Fund. The Little Cupcake Initiative promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility through volunteering activities, educational campaigns, and community-based projects. The initiative has supported SustainUS, The Climate Project, Carbon Fund, and the William O'Connor Day School.

This article was updated on 9/6/2009, Hugh Hayden is not a co-founder of hayden-harnett.

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