Can You Dig These Spuds? You Don't Have To.

We’re all for growing your own food here at TreeHugger. The more local you get, the better, and there is hardly more local than your own backyard. Now we’ve come across this product on UK-based web retailer Natural Collection’s site that offers town dwellers with tiny yards the opportunity to grow their own no-dig potatoes. By the looks of things, it’s essentially a set of three reusable polythene sacks, each with carrying handles and drainage holes. The idea is that you plant your potatoes, and then gradually fill up the containers with compost as your spuds grow.

We could point out that £14.95 (approx. $30) is quite a lot for three polythene sacks, and the same technique can work just as well in old compost or mulch bags, but we guess it’s probably not quite as visually appealing. Either way, anything that encourages folks to grow their own is probably to be encouraged. Who knows, maybe this low energy, low mess technique will even encourage those who are too posh to dig to do at least some of the work themselves. For more advice on green gardening, check out our comprehensive guide on How to Green Your Gardening. ::Natural Collection::

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