Can Mushrooms Lubricate Your Chainsaw, Feed Your Dog, and Save The World?


Some time back we reported on the rather radical idea of chainsaw lubricants infused with spores from gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. The product is still being sold by Fungi Perfecti, the company of mushroom guru Paul Stamets. Apparently, the idea behind the oils is that the mushrooms help speed up the decomposition of the wood, preventing forest fires, adding to the carbon storage of soils AND producing food at the same time:

"The spore-mass infused oil disperses mushroom spores into the cut faces of wood and, upon germination of spores, accelerate the decomposition of stumps and brush. Stamets says, "Here is an alternative for reducing fuel load in the forest to prevent forest fires—don't rob the carbon bank by removing litter—saprophytize with gourmet and medicinal fungi!"

Stamet's company doesn't just limit itself to chainsaw lubricants though. Fungi Perfecti also sell medicinal mushroom capsules and tinctures, mushroom growing kits, preserved truffles, and even pet foods! The company also sells a wealth of mushroom-related books, including Stamets' much talked about Mycelium Running — a book with the rather grand sub-title of "How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World":

"Based upon the premise that habitats and humans (animals) have immune systems, and that mushrooms are the beneficial bridges for both, Mycelium Running marks the dawn of a new era: the use of mycelial membranes for ecological health. Linking mushroom cultivation, permaculture, ecoforestry, bioremediation and soil enhancement, Stamets makes the case that mushroom farms can be reinvented as healing arts centers, steering ecological evolution for the benefit of humans living in harmony with its inhabitants."

We are not qualified to judge some of Stamets' claims about the planet-saving potential of fungi, but he certainly seems to know his stuff. And Fungi Perfecti looks like the place to go for all your dog biscuit, chainsaw lubricant or alternative medicine needs. And for mushrooms too. ::Fungi Perfecti::