Can Fish Stay on Restaurant Menus? Chef Dan Barber Explores Revolutionary Approach to Fish Farming (Video)

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How do we keep fish on the menu? Chef Dan Barber asked this question at the recent TED 2010 event. Farmed fish is a problematic issue - sustainable fish farming is even more so. What's sustainable, and is farmed fish ever really sustainable? Are there any fish that we can keep on the menu and feel confident that we aren't eating our way towards a filthy ocean devoid of life? Barber gives a hilarious talk as he describes is journey to find out exactly how we can keep fish on restaurant menus, and cites a particularly perfect fish being raised through a revolutionary farming method in Spain.

A farm that doesn't feed its animals. A farm that is also an animal sanctuary. A farm that not only allows a natural ecosystem to exist, but it also purifies the environment, and can still turn a profit. Almost seems impossible.

Healthy fish farming is a troubling issue but Barber illustrates that it is completely possible - as long as natural ecosystems are allowed to exist. The potential for sustainably farmed fish to feed the world is here, as long as examples like this are followed. It's extraordinary, and inspiring!

And its this kind of thinking that will keep fish on restaurant menus...

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