Can Design Improve Wine?

rotwein boxes photo

I have been convinced of the environmental benefits of bag-in-box wines, as they carry more wine in less packaging than any other form. (glass is heavy and is usually down-cycled, tetra-paks are light but not very green). Unfortunately, the selection is limited, the packaging is cheezy and the contents are a blend of who knows what. One Australian reader says they are known locally as "goon bags. You can get 4L of truly awful wine for about eight bucks thanks to these things."

But in Germany, there appears to be decent availability of different wines in handsome packaging.

5-liter boxes image

It even comes in five liter boxes. So what will it take for a North American winery to figure this out, that people want decent wine in an easy-to-carry package that leaves little waste? That is elegantly designed so that you are not embarrassed to be seen carrying it? Hausewein via Swiss Miss
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