Can a Small Footprint Lead to a Small Willie?


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James Price, a retired U.S. Army attack helicopter pilot, used to drink three quarts of soy milk every day. Now he believes that ding so may have had an effect on the size of his genitals. "I won't say it atrophied," said Price in a recent interview with Men's Health Magazine, "but it was so flaccid—it looked very small in comparison with the way it used to be." Could it have been the soy milk? The link between the feminization of men and soy milk is a fairly heated debate, especially when you search through the Internet and find such bold headlines as, "Soy is Making Kids 'Gay'". While Price made no comment about any change in sexual orientation, he did mutter that his emotions were beginning to change throughout his ordeal.

Can Soy Milk Affect Your Hormones?
In 1999, soy protein became FDA-approved under the statement, "Diets that include 25 grams a day may reduce the risk of heart disease." Beyond this, we also began to see studies that soy also reduced the chance of prostate cancer, hairloss, and even some forms of breast cancer. Tell that to Price, who grew a set of breasts throughout his soy ordeal that would have made a teenage Dolly Parton envious.

Much of the fear behind soy lies in its form of estrogen, known as phytoestrogens. Studies have shown phytoestrogens have a weak but noteworthy effect on the reduction of the natural form of estrogen. What does this mean for men? Well, it is possible that it could lower their levels of testosterone. Research has not yet proven that it is definitely the phytoestrogens, as high fiber diets (as in those which also include the intake of soy) have also been shown to alter testosterone levels in the blood.

While some men have reported problems with changes in breast size and even changes in erection size, there is no evidence that these slight changes in testosterone should produce such effects. In nature, men have varied levels of testosterone anyway. It is as natural process as any other differences we find in each other. Do those with higher levels of testosterone have any advantage over those with less?

Despite what some bald and hairy men like to spout to their friends and family about their bed mannerisms, more testosterone does not make you a sexual Tyrannosaurus. In fact, research would point to less amounts of testosterone as having an advantage over some forms of prostate cancer. It is more about being within a normal range, than how much you have.

How Much Is Too Much?
The real key for many of the reports we hear on men who have experienced such traumatic effects from soy, is exactly how much have they been ingesting. There is absolutely no evidence that a moderate diet of soy is harmful, feminizing, or will make any of your kids gay. Now if you read the previous sentence one more time, you will notice I said moderate. This is exactly how most of the reports on the safety of soy will read.

As in just about everything in life, moderation is key. Moderation was unfortunately not a part of James Price's theory of diet, considering he was ingesting some 12 glasses of soymilk a day. This does not even include the many other forms of soy he was ingesting. This would be a high dose for just about anything eaten daily, including milk, beer, wine, soda pop, or even lemonade.

So is it possible that if you drink and eat massive doses of soy you could get breasts and lose size in your willie? Yeah, and if any of you Treehuggers would like to put that theory to the test, be my guest. I'll take Price's word for it, and stick to a moderate diet featuring various forms of soy, proteins, and amino acids.

As has been said for centuries, live a life of moderation. It is just too common a belief these days that just because a little is good for you, a whole lot will be even better. Enjoy your soy, just don't overdo it!

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