California Winery to Cut Water Use by 70%

Image credit: EatLiveRun

Turning water into wine may be impossible for us mere mortals, but making wine with less water is definitely something worth exploring. Just like any industrial process, wine making is incredibly water intensive—so the fact that Kendall-Jackson winery is implementing cutting-edge water saving technology that could cut water use by as much as 70% is reason to celebrate this holiday season. Ffom solar panels in wineries to more controversial steps to move wine into boxes, the announcement is just the latest in a long line of moves to green the American wine industry—but the sheer scale of potential water savings from this move make it one worth watching.GreenBiz has the full text of the Kendall-Jackson press release on their water saving measures, which states that if even 35% of the California wine industry adopted this efficient technology, it could result in conserving as much as one billion gallons of water annually.

The process is applied to water used for rinsing wine barrels and tanks, along with other uses, that apparently make up as much as 70% of a winery's water use. The system returns 90 percent of water, and also retains 75 percent of its heat, meaning energy costs are reduced too.

I'll drink to that.

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