Cafe Orzo: The New Coffee Alternative From Italy

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The next time you're in Italy, meandering the streets, marveling at the architecture and just spending a lazy day hanging out at one cafe after another, why not try the new trendy coffee alternative showing up in cafes across the country. Cafe Orzo, isn't really coffee at all, but it brews the same way and comes fair trade and certified organic minus caffeine. It's a great new desert drink for kids, adults and the elderly, really anyone who is trying to cut back on caffeine.

Rough Orzo Grains Compared to Coffee Grounds Photo

Rough orzo grounds compared with finer coffee grounds. Image via: Cafe Orzo.

So what is Café Orzo? Actually, its a barley that grows organically on small farms in Italy, specifically near the Adriatic Sea. The drink itself is brewed just like coffee, in either a french press or an espresso machine to make lattes, espressos or just "coffees." You can purchase Café Orzo to make in your own house, though there are a few differences. Because there are no oils, you don't have to grind it as fine. Also, Café Orzo is a darker brew and also not quite as frothy. The folks at Café Orzo also advise that you clean your portafilter after making CafeCafé Orzo b/c it will leave a sticky residue, though you can make coffee directly after with Café Orzo not affecting the taste.

Thanks to the famous tea company, Two Leaves and a Bud, Café Orzo is now available in coffee and tea houses in the US. You can follow the Café Orzo craze on Twitter or Facebook, or find them online at Café Orzo. If you've tried Café Orzo, let us know what you think. Is this alternative really a great coffee alternative?

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