"Buycott" at Whole Foods Organized in Support of John Mackey


Now we know the real reason John Mackey wrote that op-ed in the Wall Street Journal attacking the idea of universal health care. (See Whole Foods CEO Causes Scandal Over Anti-'Obamacare' Article.) It was really just a very clever marketing ploy! Look at what is happening in St Louis: Huffington Post links us to the local Tea Party , which got a thousand people out to "buycott" the local Whole Foods and support John Mackey by stocking up on overpriced fair trade organic teabags.

Warning: sound on video starts automatically below fold.

Here is a demographic that wouldn't be caught dead among the organic arugula of Whole Foods if John Mackey had not made them feel at home. It was all just another way of taking organics and a healthier diet mainstream.

More seriously, it is bad enough that everything in America is so politicized, but the last thing we need is to make food more political than it already is. That is why I still agree with Michael Pollan, who noted that while Mackey may be wrong on healthcare, Whole Foods often gets it right on food issues. We have bigger things to worry about than one nutso CEO's opinion on a topic that's outside his typical arena.

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