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Have a bumper harvest of winter squash that's leaving you stumped in the kitchen? Or maybe you have a hankering for fresh, local broccoli rabe. Get your barter on at Veggie Trader, a free Web community that allows members to buy, sell, and trade greens with their neighbors.

Says the site:

We believe Veggie Trader is all about community. It's about finding local food. It's about strengthening local economies. And it's about getting to know
your neighbors.

Think of Veggie Trader as a searchable classifieds page. Once you've registered, you can search for fruits, vegetables, nuts, or herbs in and around your zip code. You can also post listings for crops you wish to offer up for sale or trade.

Veggie Trader believes in the concept of "cooperative gardening," the idea that neighbors growing food together will be far more successful than any individual tackling the work alone.

The idea is pretty straight forward—a group of neighbors agrees at the start of the growing season to a list of produce they want to grow, and then each household raises the types of produce it believes they're best at growing. By concentrating exclusively on just a few crops, each household will (in theory) enjoy greater yields and better quality produce. The resulting harvest can then be swapped and distributed among the whole group, with everybody getting a little bit of everything.

If cooperative gardening sends your green thumb twitching, the "Plan and Specialize" section of the listings is where you'll want to hang out. To seek out interested neighbors, simply state the type of produce you want to specialize in and then specify the items you'd like to receive in return.

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