Butterworks Farm

We were intrigued to learn from our photo contest winner that the turbine pictured in the shot was powering an organic farm in Northeast Vermont. What could be more Treehugger? Butterworks Farm has been producing organic yoghurt for 25 years. ::Butterworks Farm"We are totally self-sufficient. We grow all the food our cows eat, including corn, oats, barley, soybeans, and alfalfa. All of our cows were born here on the farm. We have a closed herd- which means we don't buy cows from other farms. Since 1975, during our first days as homesteaders with just a family cow, we have made our yogurt right here on the farm. We use only our own milk to produce this delicious yogurt. Our soils are sweet and mineralized. The extra special "nutty" flavor of our whole yogurt begins with the land we farm.

For over twenty-five years we have dedicated our lives to the ongoing process of nurturing the microbial life in our soil, thereby growing healthy crops for our cows and processing their milk into North America's purest and best tasting organic yogurt. We don't use antibiotics, hormones, herbicides or pesticides, so commonplace in the modern dairy farming. Instead, we promote life and health at all levels."