Butterball Employees Caught Abusing Turkeys, Again (Video)

This sort of thing is disgustingly common, I'm afraid. A new video, above, released by Mercy For Animals again shows the callous disregard for animal welfare at a Butterball turkey plant.

The undercover investigation of the plant in North Carolina, done in October 2012, shows abuses that are "virtually identical to the acts of extreme cruelty and violence documented by MFA at a Butterball turkey factory farm in 2011."

That investigation resulted in criminal convictions for animal abuse.

Butterball is responsible for 20% of the total US supply of 252 million turkeys killed for food each year, and 30% of of the 46 million turkeys killed every Thanksgiving.

The Mercy For Animals investigation is obviously timed for the upcoming holiday, under the pretense of encouraging people to not eat turkey at all on Thanksgiving.

An entirely worthy cause, tradition aside—and a superior option, in this vegetarian's opinion, than calls to simply eat a turkey raised in less horrid conditions.

How to Sponsor a Turkey, Not Kill One
If you're so inclined to go beyond just not eating turkey in your effort to give thanks (or any other animal), Farm Sanctuary's Adopt a Turkey program is great place to start.

Farm Sanctuary explains:

For a one-time donation gift of just $30, anyone can sponsor a turkey who lives at one of our three shelters. As a turkey sponsor, you will receive a special Adopt a Turkey certificate with a color photo of and fun details about your new friend.

Turkey sponsorships also make perfect gifts, so make an even greater impact this holiday season by sharing the love with others. For a gift of $180, you can sponsor the whole flock and have adoption certificates sent to family and friends!

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