Burt's Chips During London Fashion Week


As the Size 0 row raged on at London Fashion Week, we stuffed our faces. (How fun it is to use the TreeHugger Imperial We when writing about England!) That's right. At London's version of Whole Foods, Burt's Chips stood out as a cute, lightweight and pocket-book friendly gift for friends stateside (in addition to Duchy Originals and Green and Blacks goodies not available in the homeland). Our friend Lauren had just returned from Devon, the snack's birthplace, and said they were a difficult-to-find delicacy. She pointed out that each sack identified the field in which the potatoes sprouted and the person who hand fried them! We bought about 10 packs, all of which were grown in Field Foot and fried by Mike. None of them made it into our carry-on. Rather, between scintillating conversation with remarkable Estethica designers, they went straight to our stomach: Salt-less, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Salt and Pepper... As far as we can tell, the chips are not certified organic, but free of preservatives and fried in sunflower oil. Additionally, Burt's only uses seasonally available ingredients. The packaging features info from the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, raising awareness about the orangutan/palm oil issue. More on local crisps here.

Yes, we'll write about the clothes...

::Burt's Chips (The site seems to be down.)

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