Burt's Bees — from bee keeping to natural beauty


Who is Burt? And what is he up to with his bees and how does this relate to natural beauty products? It’s a strange name no doubt to use for selling lotions and potions, and the logo of an old bearded man is definitely an unconventional marketing image for the beauty industry, but this is all just part of the good ol’ American charm that goes into making Burt’s Bee products.Burt really did start out selling honey from the back of his pick up truck and then wax candles produced direct from his beehives in Maine. However he soon outgrew Christmas fairs and school fetes and has since moved from dilapidated school house to an old bowling alley and from there down to North Carolina where their factory and warehouses just keep expanding. From honey and candles Burt and his steadily growing team moved on to lip balm and from lip balm they have moved onwards and upwards developing a range of beauty products which are all made from natural ingredients and packaged in recycled materials. Each product has the percentage of natural product – which is usually 100% or just under and the percentage of recycled material in the packing is usually 50% or more. Now, there’s a treat for you and the environment.::Burt's Bees
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