Burn Calories and get your Christmas Nougat Candy from the Vending Machine

human powered vending machine lets you burn calories for Christmas snacks

The Spanish inventor Pep Torres from the studio Stereonoise, who also created the flowerpot that automatically rolls your plants into the sunlight, has thought up a vending machine that only dispenses the snacks once you have burned enough calories. This vending machine has been launched just in time for this year's Christmas holiday and doles out nougat candy, the typical Christmas sweets in Spain. So from now on, you don't need to worry about loosing weight after the holidays, but thanks to this invention, you can burn the calories beforehand. The machine is currently in use in one of the major shopping centres in Barcelona, Spain, where it gives away free Christmas treats in exchange for working of the calories on the bicycle. The aim of the project is to educate people, and especially kids, about obesity, a growing problem in today's society, and consumption habits. The vending machine raises awareness about just how many calories candy contains and how much effort it is to burn them off. Depending on the calories of each product, you need to pedal more or less in order for the vending machine to release it. That way, children and adults realise the huge amount of calories that today's industrial pastries contain, and maybe this has a bigger effect than swapping crisps and chocolate snacks for fruit and muesli bars. Torres wants to install the machines in schools and metro stations, so that people can keep eating crisps and other rich snacks whilst staying healthy. It would be cool if the energy produced on the bicycle would go towards powering the machine! Time magazine has nominated Pep Torres' vending machine one of the best 50 inventions of 2009. :: Stereonoise

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