Burger King To Buy Cage-Free Food


The New York Times reports that Burger King announced yesterday that it would begin buying eggs and pork from suppliers that did not confine their animals in cages and crates. The company said that it would also favor suppliers of chickens that use gas, or "controlled-atmospheric stunning," rather than electric shocks to knock birds unconscious before slaughter. Few slaughterhouses use this method, although it considered more humane. Burger King also said it's goal for the coming months is ensure that 2% of its eggs to be "cage free," and for 10% of its pork to come from farms that allow sows to move around inside pens, rather than being confined to crates. The company hopes to increase these numbers as the prices become more competitive. While Burger King's initial goals may be modest, food marketing experts and animal welfare advocates said yesterday that the shift would put pressure on other restaurant and food companies to adopt similar practices.

:: Via NYT (subscription required).