Build An Easy-Watering Vertical Herb Garden (Video)

herb garden shipping pallet photo

Image credit: Urban Organic Gardener

This guy clearly hates watering. And shirts. Having shown us how to build a self-watering container garden, Mike (aka the Urban Organic Gardener) reveals his latest creation—an easy-watering vertical herb garden built using old plastic bottles and a shipping pallet.

It's amazing how little space you need for a garden.

Of course Mike is not the only pallet gardener out there. We featured Life on the Balcony's instructional on a DIY vertical pallet garden before, and Mike himself got the idea for his project from an Instructables pallet/bottle garden post.

But there are plenty of high-tech, high-priced vertical farms, living walls and such in the green design world, so it's good to see folks creating innovative, low-cost ways to grow in the tiniest, most vertical of spaces too.

And here's how it was done:

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