Brooklyn Sustainable Porter


Like people, there are companies that you can know for years, and then suddenly realize that you never really knew at all. Brooklyn Brewery is, for me, one of those surprises. A happy one. This cool brewery with the snazzy logo and the excellent drinking beer turns out to be seriously sustainable.

Im a long time New Yorker and have always known Brooklyn to be a seriously community-minded company. Any event worth attending seems somehow to have their name attached. So, when I was looking for food sponsors for the Treehugger official launch party, I called Brooklyn.

How surprised was I to find out that Brooklyn Brewerys original Williamsburg plant, where 20% of their beer is still brewed, is--get this--100% wind powered?I had no idea of the fact because Brooklyn doesnt advertise or do any kind of PR. Instead, they just keep on supporting Not-For-Profits and grass roots efforts and letting the tastemakers make up their own minds. And the company is doing just fine with that kind of marketing, saving the ad dollars to pay for the premium price of wind power.

So wheres the wind? Are you picturing windfarm planted on their rooftop or windmills along Bedford Avenue? Thats not the way it happens. It comes to them through NewWind Energy (TM), a project of Community Energy Inc., the windpower distributor that growing the windpower business faster than you can say, Little Dutch Boy.

Brooklyn is actually the first manufacturer in the city, and the first brewery in the East to become entirely wind powered.

So I was sold on the idea of getting Brooklyn in on our shindig, and asked their man, Samsweet Sam, smart Sam, super Samwhat beer we should get for the bash.

Brooklyn Sustainable Porter, of course, he said.

Who knew they had a Sustainable Porter? Its got all organic malts (Sam explained to me that the malts make up 99% of the beer) but since the brewmaster, Garrett Oliver, hasnt found Organic hops up to snuff, the beer remains simply sustainable, but totally tasty.

Its lighter in flavor than you might expect a porter to be and was a complete hit at the party. Im no beer expert, so read what the true beer snobs have to say at

Thank you Brooklyn Brewery for your part in our party, for your commitment to the environment, and for just being you.

[by Tamara Holt]

And now, a moment of Zen from Steve Hindy, Brooklyn Brewerys President and Co-founder, from an interview in Satya magazine.

Its cheaper just to continue to plunder the worlds resources, but is that better? I dont think so. The windpower people say that if New York maximized its use of windpower, it could provide between five and ten percent of the electrical demand of the state; thatd be a pretty significant shift in resources. And people who say the windmills are ugly, or I dont want those on my horizon, that seems so stupid to me, because I think theyre beautiful; and what theyre doing is a beautiful thing.

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