Brooklyn Eco-Film Geeks Build Awesome Truck Farm Proving You Really Can Garden Anywhere

truck farm photo

I know what you're thinking: A garden on wheels, what's the deal? Having met the brains behind the "truck farm" in question myself, I'd urge--don't let this weird yet somehow idiosyncratically charming documentary-making CSA truck throw your garden/truck schema off kilter, instead embrace its sheer visceral awesomeness.

Ian Cheney's farm truck appeared on the Summer cover of Edible Brooklyn--a great little story, in a great issue of a great publication--Brooklyn's got soul, man. I stopped by to see the cover-making truck in person last night at BAM, down the street from where I live in Fort Greene, at Edible Brooklyn's Good Beer Event, featuring largely local craft beers and somewhat eco-oriented food pairings from NYC restaurants.

The truck's owner, fellow documentary makers and groupies were gathered around outside the event, and later dutifully sipping beer inside the event, answering questions, and otherwise showing of their truck. Solar panels top the truck and power a camera that takes a photo of the garden (drainage holes, a water-absorbent mat, and Gaia soil made from recycled Styrofoam make the 6-inch or so bed from which the plants grow) every 5 minutes. You can see this and much more online on their Wicked Delicate Productions website. These guys--Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis--also made King Corn, which you should totally see if you haven't.

For $20 you can also join the Truck Farm "CSA" (forgive the "", it's kind of a "" situation) which gets you the Truck Farm DVD, and an invite to the summer picnic (produce from the truck farm).

So how productive is a truck farm? The lettuces, arugula and broccoli are doing especially well, and the tomatoes are looking good, which is more than most of New York tomatoes can say.

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