Brits Get More Climate-Labeled Goods


Men's T emits more CO2 in its production - 671 grams versus 561 grams for the women's version

Walker's potato chips (known in the UK as crisps), Boots shampoo and the innocent smoothie were the first products that agreed to count up their carbon using Carbon Trust (CT) methodologies and in Walker's case, put a number and a label on their goods. Thus far, it doesn't seem to have measurably hurt their brands.

Now Carbon Trust has 20 companies - including grocery chain Tesco - counting their products' carbon using its methodology. CT is working with the UK's DEFRA to make the method a public standard by this July. Only 4 of the new bunch of companies joining in the carbon counting effort are making immediate plans to communicate that to consumers - Continental Clothing will label its Earth Positive t-shirts shown above, Morphy Richards will label irons, Mey Selections will put it on its honeys and jams and its shortbread and Colors, a fruit distributor, will use it for South African fruit. One downside: after figuring out the amount of work it will entail, Tesco has now said it will start by labeling just 30 rather than all 70,000 of its products. Via ::CarbonTrust

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