Brit Study Says Organic Grass-Eating Cows Give Healthiest Milk

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Photo gwire @ flickr

The debate still rages whether organic or conventionally handled foods are better for us. Don't believe it?

A new study (from Newcastle University) gives reinforcement to the idea that organically-produced milk is healthier than regular milk. The study showed organic (summertime) milk had 67 percent higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants, and 60 percent more conjugated linoleic acids than regular milk. It also had higher levels of good Omega-3s and lower levels of Omega-6s than conventional milk. The key was the grass factor - organic cows tend to get a lot more grass and clover, conventional cows get more grain. Now this may seem like a "yeah, duh" but after the study came out, the British Goverment's watchdog Food Standards Agency felt compelled to say there was little evidence to prove organic was better. It plans to study the Newcastle study. With food prices rising, it's good to get a little reinforcement that organic purchasing does offer tangible benefits. Via ::Telegraph