Brewers Plate: Making Local Food Taste Great in April is No Small Feat

jamie brewers plate photo

Jamie Kennedy dishing it out at last year's Brewers Plate

It started in Philadelphia four years ago as a way to "highlight the city's unique flavor and culinary culture." It came to Toronto to answer the question:

What does a local sustainable feast look like in April in southern Ontario? Artisanal cheeses, breads, local fish, sausages, roasts and stews of wild game and root vegetables, local greenhouse produce, pickles and preserves of every description, fruit pies -- the work of many chefs -- and of course, libations from our fine Ontario craft brewers.
brewers plate toronto 2008 photo

Last year; photo by Yvonne Bambrick or Molly Crealock

And given the paucity of ingredients at this time of year, it is surprisingly good. Chefs this year include Jamie Kennedy, "known for his legendary commitment to environmental issues and his support for organic agriculture, local producers and traditional methods." See him in TreeHugger: Jamie Kennedy picks Organic Wines and A Trip to Italy and Michael Pollan, Too

Also cooking are Karen Vaz of Rebel House, Mark Cutrara of Cowbell, (See TreeHugger:Seasonal Restaurants are a New Gourmet Trend Brad Long of Veritas, Mark Breton of the Gladstone Hotel, and Brook Kavanagh of La Palette.

hart house photo

The venue is changed this year, to Hart House at the University of Toronto, and the price is changed too, a third less than last year, now under a hundred bucks.

If people think at all about seasonal food up here, right now they are dining on Peruvian asparagus and California artichokes. The wonderful thing about the Brewers Plate is that they do it in April, showing such creativity with such a limited range of ingredients, proving that you can eat local and eat very well all year round, even in colder climes.


Get your tickets here at Brewers Plate Toronto

Presented by Green Enterprise Toronto, seen before in TreeHugger:Green Enterprise Toronto Forum and Vert: Environmentally Responsible Catering

Local Food Plus: Local Flavour Plus - Bringing Local Food to Big Buyers : TreeHugger and Local Food: The New Competitive Edge, and Slow Food Toronto.

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