Brew a Cup of SerendipiTea


Appreciation for tea is growing in the United States, afterall, it's the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. And we've certainly covered several companies here on TreeHugger. We like that many are focusing on fair trade and organic while keeping the quality high. Thanks to Daily Candy, we are now adding to the list SerendipiTea, a tea company based on Long Island, NY. Their philosophy is simple, and right up our alley: "We are environmentally responsible, utilizing organic farms and all-natural products. We are committed to Earth-friendly packaging including post-consumer recycled and biodegradable materials and water-based inks. We are socially responsible, employing people not machines, opting for handcrafted rather than machine-milled." We are amazed at the number of organic teas SerendipiTea offers and if you're curious you can sign up for one of their lectures and tea tastings offered to the public. SerendipiTea is committed to education and events are even conducted around the United States. Via ::Daily Candy ::SerendipiTea

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