Brantford, Ontario Becomes First City In Canada To Ban Shark Fin Products

brantford protest photo

I have not had much good to say about what comes out of Brantford City Hall. (In fact, there I am on the left, protesting in front of it last year) but for once they have set a good example, by being the first municipality in Canada to ban the sale of shark fin soup and other shark fin products.

mayor friel brantford

Mayor Chris Friel of Brantford talking to Lloyd Alter at meeting of the Architectural Conervancy of Ontario. Image credit Kalvin Clarke

It is all the result of a campaign started by former Member of Provincial Parliament Phil Gillies, now a supporter of WildAid Canada who says ""Some species of sharks could be extinct, if present tends continue, within 15 years. It could throw the whole ecosystem into chaos."

Mayor Friel says in the Brantford Expositor: "All we're saying is this is not right and we shouldn't have it in this community"

going to dogs

A year ago in Brantford. Image credit Lloyd Alter

Brantford has developed a bit of an image problem as it continues to threaten its built heritage; just last week architectural critic Lisa Rochon turned it into a slogan when talking about urban design, with the recommendation to Toronto planners:

"Go big, go gutsy or go home to Brantford."

I had great hopes when Mayor Friel was elected after last year's demolition debacle, that things would be looking up for Brantford, and have been worried that those hopes were misplaced as the town continues to consider the demolition of important heritage buildings. But for once, Brantford has gone big and gutsy, done the right thing and done something that the rest of the country should emulate. Congratulations to Mayor Friel and Council for being the first.

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