Bountiful Backyards: Edible, Urban Landscaping

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From Melbourne's Permablitz to Peak Moment's forrays into backyard permaculture, the idea of converting unproductive yards into beautiful, productive, edible polycultures is something very dear to us TreeHuggers. But where does one start? Designing and implementing your own edible landscape can be an intimidating business, especially if you have little or no training in the matter. Luckily residents of the Triangle region of North Carolina can take advantage of Bountiful Backyards, an "edible landscaping collective" based in Durham that designs gardens, provides ongoing training, and organizes workshops on everything from vermiculture (worm composting) to mushroom cultivation:
"Bountiful Backyards works with nature, not against it. We catalyze multi-functional mini-ecosystems that benefit soil microbes, insects, and fungi. Only when they are healthy can we create thriving polycultures of edibles, fruit trees, and insectary plants that create the balanced living systems which are possible in any amount of space, shade, or drought.

By conserving and catching rainwater, growing soil, and merging back in to the food production loop, we implicitly oppose our reckless political order, environmental destruction, and nourish ourselves and communities. Only through thoughtful, scientific, and intelligent design can we can reclaim our own backyards. By sharing and learning, we can begin to take the steps that will change our current historical and ecological predicament, locally and sustainably."

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