Boston Organics

Boston Organics founder Jeff Barry is addicted to fresh, organic produce. He got the idea living in San Francisco and upon moving back east decided to start a company on his own that offered organic fruits and veggies that were available all the time. Here's how it works: for a weekly or biweekly fee ($25 or $35), Boston Organics delivers to your home a fresh box a fruits and vegetables that are USDA certified organic. You can check online to see what's in the box for the week and it always depends on the season. Also included in each box is a newsletter with recipes, information and storage tips. Now one thing we have to that not all products are grown in Massachusetts, unfortunately, and as much as Jeff wants to support the local farmers, the climate in New England is definitely a factor since this is a year-round business. He notes that in the winter many of the fresh produce comes from Florida and California, but not to worry, it's still organic. We wish this company delivered somewhere other than Boston...c'mon, maybe just a little further south? Thanks for the tip, Peter Y.! ::Boston Organics