Boom Chef - Solar BBQ

Paul Sprague likes boomerangs. Boomerangs and hot-dogs. And he likes nothing more than eating hot-dogs while throwing boomerangs. He has invented the Boom Chef, which is a solar powered grill that he uses to unite these two unlikely things. He describes it as, "a black aluminum grill that fits inside a wooden frame, glass on the top & bottom and reflectors to bounce in extra sunlight. I lined the inside of the box with aluminum and weatherstripped the glass. That's pretty much it. Cheap to build, free to operate - just the way I like things."Apparently it's capable of cooking food even when cloudy, including vegetables, chicken, fish and burgers. Sprague says though, "I focus on hot-dogs because the other stuff can be messy and boomerang competitions rarely have running water or any means of cleaning up." With no need to carry fuel, start fires or dispose of ash this is a really fantastic grill. Using the power of the sun is no new idea, but this is a really nice and simple application.

It's certainly better for the environment than a fossil fuel burning BBQ. Have any of you made your own solar cooker, or do you know of any commercial products? ::Boom Chef via ::Gizmodo