Bonterra: Organic Grapes Good, Climate Change Bad


At their winery in Mendocino County, CA, Bonterra Vineyards grows only organic grapes and uses only renewable energy to power their operations and biodiesel to power their trucks and tractors. Their interests in keeping the planet clean and cool enough to grow wine grapes has recently extended to the campaign at, where they have signed on to the virtual march to curb climate change. "It’s only natural that we support responsible environmental dialogue," said Bob Blue, winemaker for Bonterra. "We’ve had the million man march, and now, if our friends will join us, perhaps we’ll have the million grape march to keep this important conversation moving forward." To date, over 250,000 others have joined the campaign, including other high profile people (like Larry David) and companies (like Steelcase, who also just joined the EPA's Climate Leaders Program). To join them, click on over to ::Bonterra Vineyards via ::CSRwire