Bon Santé: Paraben-Free Wholesale Beauty


Olive oil has been used for centuries and by the likes of Cleopatra to keep skin shiny and healthy. For those of us who don't like to walk around smelling like a salad, sweet-scented moisturizers have been the way to go. Urgent news reports however indicate that new research on parabens, a kind of chemical used to keep creams from going mouldy, can lead to a whole host of bad diseases we don't even like to mention in print. See Beauty's Beast article via The Scotsman. Thanks to environmentally-friendly companies such as Bon Santé, a line of paraben-free cosmetics are destined to take some new space on your boudoir. The company sells its own line of products or businesses can buy no-name in wholesale to revamp existing lines of cosmetics. According to the US-based company's website, Bon Santé can provide environmentally safe and cruelty-free formulations. Their non-chemical ingredients are infused with botanical extracts, marine minerals, phyto-nutrients, and rich anti-oxidants.

The company says, they do not add potentially harmful chemicals or inexpensive fillers like Propylene, Butylene, or Hexylene Glycol, Petroleum, Artificial Dyes, and ingredients one simply can't pronounce or identify.

"Although there is currently no definitive evidence to the exact dangers of using parabens and other chemically derived additives in personal care products our company has decided to take a pro-active, pre-cautionary position and re-formulate all of our products," says Cindy Summers, President and CEO of Bon Santé.

Bon Santé makes creams, peels and scrubs; products are safe for contact lens wearers. We'll toast to that. See TreeHugger related Avalon Organics for babies. ::Beauty's Beast, Scotsman ::Bon Santé