Bluefin Tuna Sets New Record Price at Tokyo Auction

bluefin tuna auction photo

Not the record-setting fish, but Tokyo... photo: Stewart Butterfield/Creative Commons

We've covered the plight of critically endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna in some detail and for some time, nearly always including a contextual statement on how Japan is far and away the largest market for bluefin. Here's why there's opposition to banning trade: A single bluefin tuna just sold at auction for a new record price of 32.49 million yen in Tokyo. That's nearly $400,000 for a single fish. The particular fish was caught off Hokkaido, so it wasn't one from the critically endangered Atlantic sub-species, but it goes to show the huge amount of money at stake.

Remember that Mitsubishi stands to make billions when the fish goes extinct, due to its extensive stockpiles of frozen bluefin. Also remember that at current fishing rates, Atlantic bluefin will likely be extinct as soon as two years from now.

Read more about the auction: BBC News
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