BlueAvocado's GroPak Eliminates Plastic Bag Excuses

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I know what you're thinking: same old, same old. But actually this line of reusable bags is making it harder and harder to come up the "I forgot my bag" excuse.What drew me to BlueAvocado's new GroPak is the product’s ability to eliminate every excuse for not using a reusable bag. These very attractive and addictively upbeat bags easily fold up and compact so that you can put them right back into your purse when you're done. In response to the "I don't want damp produce to mix with my other groceries" excuse, GroPak has introduced a veggie bag to hold all your produce. It's mesh so that it won't mildew after multiple uses. So skip those flimsy and oh-so-wasteful plastic produce bags.

Paige Davis, founder of BlueAvocado and a former eco-writer, and three other women came up with the idea when their hometown of Austin, Texas, passed a plastic bag reduction plan. They figured that there would have to be a change in their community’s shopping behavior. After interviewing nearly 300 people, they learned that people are tired of having to choose between what is convenient and what is right. In response, they decided to create something that is functional and green. The GroPak bags come in four sizes and are made of 50 percent recycled plastic material. In addition, BlueAvocado offsets 100 percent of its CO2 emissions.

How big is your impact?
We all know that reusing your grocery bag can make a huge difference. But how much? We may try to limit our use of plastic bags but it's difficult when they seemingly appear in every store across the country. In fact, plastic bags currently carry 80 percent of the nation's groceries, up from 5 percent in 1982. BlueAvocado claims that by "using GroPak instead of plastic bags you avoid 200 plastic bags and 9.5 lbs of CO2 emissions if you use the bag for a whole year."

The Global Plastic Bag Picture
San Francisco and Oakland, Calif., have banned plastic bags, and have even begun to promote the use of reusable and compostable shopping bags. California has also implemented programs that require supermarkets to take back and recycle plastic bags. Similar bans are already in place in Ireland, Uganda, South Africa, Russia, and Hong Kong. Even China currently bans plastic shopping bags and has called for a return of the cloth bags of old. The measure eliminates the flimsiest bags and forces stores to charge for others, making China the latest nation to target plastic bags in a bid to cut waste and conserve resources.

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