Blue Dog Bakery Serves Up Lip-Lickin Treats For Dogs

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The latest savory creations from Blue Dog Bakery are meat, meat and meat in the form of Grilled Steak, Roasted Chicken, Liver and Beef & Bacon dog treats. Blue Dog Bakery prides itself on making dog treats with all human-grade bakery ingredients, with no animal by-products, no preservatives or additives, no artificial flavors or colors in the biscuits.

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Considering all of the information we are hearing about the huge carbon impact that a meat-based diet contains, its a bummer that the latest creations by Blue Dog Bakery are all meaty flavors. On the other hand, all of their treats are low-fat and made from natural ingredients so you can feel good about giving your pet a healthy alternative to standard treats. Other ingredients that go into the treats include unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, cane molasses, whey, oats, palm oil, oats and non-fat milk.

If you're not into the meat treats for your dog, you can also find flavors like peanut butter & molasses; natural cheese; peanut butter softies; and even 100-calorie dog treats. Or you can try your luck making your own dog treats with the recipes and suggestions below. Don't worry, Blue Dog Bakery products are now widely available in pet stores, health-food stores and even grocery stores so you can probably find them in a town near you. A 16 oz. box of their new meaty-flavored treats retails for $4.59USD.:Blue Dog Bakery
Article clarification: The meat dog biscuits/cookies have chicken flavor and bacon flavor in the but no actual meat product.
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