Bioneers 2008: Teleosis Institute Gives Health Care a Green Rx

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It's a short leap to get from the health of the world to the health of humans. The link is obvious. And yet, there is much the health care industry can do to green up.

Making waves on that front is the Teleosis Institute. They offer information and education on everything related to health, from greener doctors' offices to cleaner environments, from sustainable medicines to healthy health care workers.

But they don't just provide tools and classes - they want to change the way the health care system operates. Teleosis works to reconnect the environment and our health care system.

Teleosis is dedicated to reducing healthcare’s footprint while broadening its ecological vision. We believe in a health care system that conserves natural resources, promotes personal wellness, and begins with precaution. At the forefront of this sustainable medical system are health providers who take an active role in greening healthcare through example, education and advocacy.

Started in 2004, the Institute is just a baby in the industry. And yet it has made great progress. Already, there are courses on leadership in green health care, a green pharmacy program, and a green health care network so finding those who practice sustainably is easy work.

We've seen greening up to be of interest to health care professionals in the past, so hopefully the Teleosis Institute can help speed a change along.

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