Biofuel Coop Creates CSA


Anyone who has been reading TreeHugger for a while will know that we love Piedmont Biofuels, the Pittsboro NC based biodiesel cooperative, and not just because they create locally brewed, sustainably sourced biodiesel. As we saw in our interview with co-founder Lyle Estill here, here and here, the organization is also painfully aware of the limitations of biofuels, stressing the need for massive conservation and localization before plant-based fuels can ever meet our energy needs. We were delighted then to see, when we checked in on their site today, that they have just announced the opening of their CSA, providing the community with locally grown crops from the Biofarm which sits next to their biofuel complex. We were going to say we look forward to the day when Exxon opens its own CSA, but on second thoughts… ::Piedmont Biofuels::via site visit::

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