Bikeblender HPB: Human Powered... Blender?

So often in life, the right things aren't found together. Ice cream and Hot fudge had to wait thousands of years before refrigeration made their union possible. A cold pillow on a hot night is sublimely perfect, but always elusive. And after a grueling bike ride, all you want to do is collapse into a heap sipping something cold. Well, collapse away: A new human powered gadget is going to set you free...Believe it or not, the B3, or Byerley Bicycle Blender is the world's first, and most powerful bike powered blender. The concept is simple. Take one Xtracycle Sport Utility Bike. Add to that a custom designed blender mechanism driven by the back tire, and compatible with standard Oster brand blender pitchers, or Nalgene bottles. Fill blender with your favorite beverage, ice, and fruit chunks. Pedal like a mad man. Share your new smoothie with all your new friends.

The B3 system has already proven itself perfect for picnics, long bike rides, county fairs, and backyard barbeques. And as the official blender of solar restaurant lovechild Habana Outpost and The Juice Peddler, it's being tested in the commercial restaurant world as well.

The basic model will set you back $225 US, while the full featured blender complete with Oster pitcher is $350 at the Bikeblender online store.
:: [by DM]