Big-City Bees

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) launched a new initiative yesterday at the Chelsea Flower Show to save the falling bee population. It believes that city dwellers could start raising hives on rooftops, behind garden walls and on allotments. It created a 'bee friendly' garden, complete with plenty of fruit tress and flowers. There was one thing missing in the garden though – bees. The organisers of the show banned any actual insects from the garden.

Bill Turnbull, from the BBC, said, "You don't need much space to keep bees and we need all the beekeepers we can get. It's a lovely thing to do."

Tim Lovett from the BBKA believes that the plan could be beneficial for people, as well as bees, "Many new urban beekeepers see working with a colony of honeybees as a healthy change to the stress of office life. Tending bees is peaceful, keeps you in touch with nature - and bees only sting when provoked." ::The Guardian

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