Customers can pedal for a scoop at this bicycle-churned artisanal ice cream parlor

Peddler's Creamery bike-powered ice cream
© Peddler's Creamery

At this small LA creamery, every batch of ice cream is churned by bicycle, and 20 minutes of pedaling earns you a free scoop of their organic frozen desserts.

The rise of handmade and small batch food production can lead to some scoff-worthy comments around the water cooler ("Artisanal toast? Give me a break."), but I applaud and support those individuals and businesses that are taking the time to do things differently in our age of mass production and commodification.

I gladly choose to patronize a local business or a new and smaller competitor over the big companies whenever I can (sometimes there is no local option, or it's priced too high for my budget), and I willingly go out of my way to avoid spending money for a possibly inferior product at a big chain, if I can get a product made with true craftsmanship and quality at a small business. Starbucks may make a mean cup of coffee, but I'd rather support an indie coffee shop that buys shade-grown and Fair Trade coffee, and I know there's a growing number of people who think the same way, whether it's choosing the farmers market over the Whole Foods produce section or going to an artisanal bakery rather than picking up a loaf at the nearest grocery store.

When you combine a one-of-a-kind product, like small batch ice cream, with an interesting story, such as being made with pedal power, there's sure to be a hungry market and happy customers, and that's what Peddler's Creamery is betting on.

This unique creamery creates their artisanal ice cream from local, fair trade, and organic ingredients, and every single batch is churned by bicycle. It offers both dairy and non-dairy dessert options, and if you'd like to pedal for ice cream, you can be in the Peddler's Club and sign up for a 15-20 minute session on the bike powering the churner (enough for a single batch to be made), receiving a free scoop for your efforts. It's not just a slow spin that's required, though, and riders should be prepared to keep up a 15 mph pace during the session.

According to the Los Angeles Register, pints of the Peddler's ice cream will be coming to some small specialty stores, and a plan for mobile ice cream carts could be bringing this frozen dessert to other areas around LA.

If you're in the Los Angeles area and in the mood for some organic ice cream, you can get a taste of these frozen desserts, made by bike, downtown at 458 S. Main Street. If you'd like to serve pedal-powered ice cream at an LA area event, Peddler's Creamery also provides catering for gatherings of up to 800 people. Find out more at the website, their Facebook page, or through their Twitter account.

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