Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream With Breast Milk?


When we shared a satirical advertisement for Human Cheese, sweet and tangy, comments ranged from:

  • "um.... yeah. thanks, time to go powerwash the inside of my skull" to
  • "I love that people are grossed out by this but not by eating products made out of the breast milk of other species" and
  • "Honestly I've been boggled for some time now that no one has tried to market human breast milk before."

Time for the next chapter in the ongoing quest for chemical-free, ethical eats. PETA wants human breast milk to replace cow's milk in ice cream. In a letter to Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, PETA urges Ben & Jerry to "do consumers and cows a big favor by making the switch to breast milk". Yes, we are talking "Chunky Monkey Around", "Butter Pectoral Pecan" and "Peanut Double-D Cup"! But wait! There is more...The inspiration for this campaign brings the idea of human breast milk out of the realm of the satirical and hyperbolic and onto your plate.

By PETA's own admission, the stimulus for the Ben & Jerry's campaign is news out of Switzerland that the Storchen Restaurant owner Hans Lochen would feature special dishes made from human breast milk on his menu. Lochen experimented with his wife's breast milk many years ago and developed some recipes. Lochen found "excellent results" and decided to share his delicacies with the dining public. Authorities intervened upon learning of his advertisements for human donors and quashed the plan.

The battle is just heating up. Unfortunately, PETA risks losing the support of breast-feeding advocates, who could be allies in convincing the public of the evils of dairy. Swiss association of breast feeding counselors spokesperson Christa Müller-Aregger is quoted in swissinfo: "This raises ethical questions. It is not a good idea to pay for milk because it might tempt mothers to put profit before their children."

Well, that sort of puts it all in perspective doesn't it? People for the Ethical Treatment of Newborn Humans is meeting Tuesday at the Veggie Villa on 1st Street. Be there. As soon as we sort out taking care of our own kind, we will work on saving the planet.

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