Ben & Jerry's Converts All Flavors to Fair Trade Certified


photo: Ben & Jerry's

I'm always an advocate for making your own ice cream, because it tastes so delicious and it gives you time to think about your guilty indulgence before you dive right in. But for those days when only a pint of Chunky Monkey or Chocolate Fudge Brownie will do, Ben & Jerry's is making high quality, Fair Trade Certified ingredients a little easier to find.Ben & Jerry's has recently committed to sourcing every possible ingredient from Fair Trade Certified producers. In 2005, it became the first ice cream company to use Fair Trade Certified ingredients and today it has announced that all flavors will be Fair Trade Certified by the end of 2013.

According to the company, this means significant changes:

Globally, this involves converting up to 121 different chunks and swirls, working across eleven different ingredients such as cocoa, banana, vanilla and other flavourings, fruits and nuts. It also means working with Fair Trade cooperatives that total a combined membership of over 27,000 farmers.

Ben & Jerry's has long been a leader is global activism. In 2008, Ben & Jerry's and Greenpeace introduced "Greenfreeze," a climate-friendly ice cream cooler. The company also supported the Climate Change College, which funded a six-month, part-time program for six people to complete a course of study, including a ten-day field trip to Greenland, in order to become ambassador's for the World Wildlife Fund's Powerswitch Campaign.

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