Beer Can Be Green Even If It's Not Saint Patty's Day


Look out Brooklyn Brewery; you have some competition in the house! As of July 1st, NYC’s Village Pourhouse has become eco-serious, taking a pledge to implement practices that will reduce their carbon footprint, without sacrificing the fun factor, and did I mention there’s going to be a party? Keep reading! The East Village watering hole has switched over to the use of recycled paper products (virgin paper being the #3 contributor to climate change) and recycled beer bottles. They are performing in-house washing instead of service pick-up to lessen auto emissions (the #1 contributor to climate change). Their kitchen is sending leftover oil to a plant where it will be made into other products, and they have added to their menu a selection of five new organic beers, Earth Chardonnay, an organic wine, and Vodka 360!

It doesn’t stop there. More after the jump.They are also looking into green cleaning supplies, biodegradable containers, and energy efficient lightbulbs (which just so happens to be the #2 contributor to climate change.) If we ‘Huggers had it our way, we’d tack on wind or solar power to their to-do list, but I think it’s safe to say they are taking some low-impact steps in the right direction.

Join them on July 25th to celebrate their transformation. $25 gets you a choice of 2 organic beers, organic appetizers, and a chance to listen to informative speakers. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to The Nature Conservancy’s Young Professional Group. Purchase a ticket here.

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