Beer Brewery Has a Solution for What Ales Us: Walk to the Pub

What better way to reach Aussies with a message about climate change than through one of their favourite things:- Beer? Coopers Brewery have been running this series of catchy bus stop posters for a year or so now. Whilst I reckon these adverts probably do more to promote preferred mobility options, than the actual brand of beer, others aren't so sure. The Brisbane Times reports that consumer organisation, Choice, has complained to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, saying such ads are false and misleading, with their "big beer, tiny footprint" tagline.

But in this instance it might not be greenwash. On their website Coopers refer to their onsite 4.4 megawatt (MW) natural gas-powered co-generation plant. They claim the "efficiency of converting fossil fuel energy to useful energy of power and steam is 80%, approximately 2.5 times greater than a conventional coal-fired power station." Apparently this saves Coopers 15,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions compared to a traditional power plant. And furthermore they only use about 25% of the plant's capacity with the excess fed in to the state's power grid.

The brewery suggest, via their environmental initiatives page, that they are also good corporate citizens when it comes to water use, energy efficiency and waste materials.

Of course, plant improvements don't of their own make for a truly green ale, as Lloyd alluded to when he ran the post; How Green is Your Beer?
::Cooper Brewery, via site visit.

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Photography by Warren McLaren.

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