Beautiful Sustainable Food Show Needs Your Help (Video)

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I am as much of an advocate for local, sustainable food as the next hippy. And yet, I was beginning to wonder if the world had reached saturation point with videos, blogs and books about locavore diets and backyard farming. Then I came across The Perennial Plate. From an eerily beautiful video about hunting and eating roadkill in Minnesota to growing oyster mushrooms, this is internet video at its best. Thoughtful, playful amd beautifully shot. It seems I am not alone in this opinion—these guys are getting 10,000 viewers every week. But now they need your help to take it to the next level. Having posted a video every week for a year, on sustainable year-round eating in Minnesota, The Perennial Plate is now taking the show on the road. The plan is to travel this summer from Minnesota to Louisiana to Portland to Florida and back again, filming real stories about real food as they go.

But, as they so frankly point out, they have no idea what is going on across the country. So they are looking for stories. They are looking for guides. They are looking for dinner companions. And they are looking for money. (They are already 62% of the way to their goal of $20,000.)

Check out the video below, and do what you can to keep the show rolling. It's pretty awesome stuff.

The Perennial Plate Episode 52: Real Food Road Trip from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

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