Bear Naked and Loving It


We have our new favorite granola. And let's just say we can't get enough of it. We first learned about Bear Naked when they were featured on the Food Network and ever since we've set out to try all of their products. The company was started by two close friends who met at the age of 11. In October of 2002 these two friends, Kelly Flatley and Brendan Synnott, ran into each other in their hometown after going about their daily lives for a number of years. They started off in the small town of Darien, CT and now sell their granola and cereals to over 10,000 retail stores nationwide. In August 2005, industry data revealed that Bear Naked was the country's fastest-growing cereal brand in the natural channel and they were also chosen as having the #1 and #2 granola products in the nation. Bear Naked's products are, simply, just that: "Bearly Processed and Utterly Naked Ingredients." All of their delicious granola and oatmeal products are all natural and their yummy hot cereal is 100% organic. We got Bear Naked for our trip to Mt. Washington last month. We strongly recommend you do the same. ::Bear Naked
Note: We'll be interviewing Kelly Flatley of Bear Naked in the upcoming weeks. Questions for her? Send them our way or leave a comment!