Be Wise and Join a CSA

Be Wise Ranch
This is not just the story of a local farmer making good, this is the story two people, Bill and Marsanne Brammer, sharing a love for healthy food and working hard to spread organic food both locally and nationally. Begun in 1977, the Be Wise Ranch offers local San Diegans an alternative to mass-produced produce. With just a few avocado, citrus, peach, nut, pomegranate and apricot trees, this husband and wife team launched their organic farm, selling mostly to area farmers markets and wholesale distributors. As their produce selection has exploded, so has the wildlife in the area, which the owners attribute to their location next to a wildlife preserve and their abundance of trees free of pesticides, which many birds nest in.In the 1990’s, when the business began to take off, the Brammers no longer had time to sell at local farmers markets each week, Instead, Be Wise established a Community Supported Agriculture Program through which local San Diegans can still purchase the organic food produced in their own backyard. Prices are very reasonable and allow members to choose from large or small buckets, and even choose weekly or bi-weekly pickups. In addition, there is a four week trial period for new members who are not sure whether a CSA is right for them. This is perfect in particular for San Diego which has a nearly year-round growing season. And for those of you living in San Diego, can we all say a big A-men to that!

Be Wise is a member of the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), which tests annually to ensure that members are upholding organic standards on their farms. Bill was even President of the CCOF at one time.

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