Battleground Earth Sneak Peek: A BPA-Free Tommy Lee!

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Jack Johnson isn’t the only musician greening up his act with reusable water bottles. Tommy Lee, Ludacris and the Battleground Earth cast and crew ditched their disposables for one that’s more eco-sound—Water Geek’s reusable water bottle.

Unlike some Nalgenes, the sports bottle is made with BPA-free (phew!), low density polyethylene plastic (#4 recycle symbol) and comes with a built-in filter to remove chlorine, bad taste, odor and heavy metals like lead, mercury and copper. Check back with the company in August, when they release their new and improved bottle made out of polypropylene plastic (#5 recycle symbol). Then keep one in your bike rack or car holder so you never have to buy bottled water again!

To see who wins the challenge to go green(er), check out Battleground Earth, Thursdays at 8pm on TLC.

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Battleground Earth Sneak Peek: A BPA-Free Tommy Lee!
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