Baltimore Appoints a Food Czar

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Baltimore is a set beset by "food deserts"—vast urban areas without access to anything but fast food, snack cakes, bags of chips, and soda. The city is not unique in it's situation—cities across the country face the same problem—but it is one of the first in the country to make a serious effort to address the problem with the appointment of a food policy directors.Good writes:

On a sweltering, humid day in East Baltimore, a couple greenhouses full of vegetables behind the Lake Clifton High School are about to become an oasis. They sit in a barren "food desert," a place where residents can't access to fresh food without hopping in a cab or walking to a bus and then traveling to the nearest supermarket. The neighborhood's corner stores and chicken places tend to sell fast food—and, as a whole, these "food deserts" still cover a sizable portion of the city.

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